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Make Mentoring Work

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Make Mentoring Work

Major Street Publishing,

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Peter Wilson’s classic mentoring manual explains what you need to know to establish your own program.   

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Now in its second edition, this guidebook by Peter Wilson, chairman of the 20,000-member Australian Human Resources Institute, remains the established go-to resource for mentors and those they mentor. Organizations depend on it when they set up mentoring programs, since today’s employees expect mentoring as a basic job benefit. Wilson’s manual features a fascinating historical review of mentoring, a comprehensive, detailed background overview of mentoring and easy-to-apply, how-to guidance. getAbstract recommends Wilson’s classic to everyone involved in mentoring. It will also serve those whose organizations might wish them to become mentors or who might seek mentoring. 


Ancient Mentoring

Homer’s Odyssey relates that when Odysseus left to fight in the Trojan Wars, he entrusted his son Telemachus to his best friend, Mentor. He asked Mentor to teach Telemachus to fulfill his adult duties as king. Mentor helped Telemachus develop his “longer-term career potential.”

Mentoring still follows that model and satisfies a basic human need. Especially in tough times, people need someone they can trust and talk to, someone who cares about them, asks smart questions and keeps an open mind.

Mentoring by Program

Organizations that are competing for top talent recognize the necessity of establishing a mentoring program. And, today’s job applicants expect companies to offer mentoring as a job benefit. Modern corporate mentoring, designed to fulfill that need, occurs primarily as part of a planned program.

To establish a formal mentoring program, follow these guidelines:

  • The person being mentored is the essential focus of any mentoring relationship.
  • New mentors and those new to being mentored (“mentees”) should learn the traits of a successful mentoring relationship from...

About the Author

Peter Wilson, national president (chairman) of the Australian Human Resources Institute Ltd., is secretary-general of the World Federation of People Management Associations.

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