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Make Your Own Luck

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Make Your Own Luck

Success Tactics You Won't Learn In Business School

FT Prentice Hall,

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To seize an opportunity, you must put something valuable at risk.

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Peter Morgan Mash seems to be one of those people upon whom good fortune shines. Just when he’s about to lose a big deal, chance rears its beautiful head to help him on his way; just when he’s about to give up on meeting a key potential investor, he ends up stuck in the elevator with him. To what does Mash attribute his good fortune? Simple kindness, integrity and personal values. By stressing these personal attributes, he says that anyone can benefit from the kindness of life. recommends this book to anyone convinced that the universe is a basically friendly place.



Imagine that you are trying to close the biggest business deal of your career. All you need is venture capital to bankroll a group of scientists whose work shows tremendous commercial potential. There is one investor who works on Park Avenue in New York who could make the deal happen. For over a year, you do everything you can to contact him. You call his secretary and his secretary’s secretary. You send the secretary flowers. You leave messages. You write letters. Nothing seems to work.

And then one day, as you are entering an office building through a revolving door, the door jams. Through the glass, you see a distinguished gentleman in his early 60s trying to get out the other side - and you realize it’s him, your prospect! The door starts moving again and you follow him, introduce yourself, and the next morning you’re having coffee with him in his richly appointed office. You successfully close the deal. It may sound farfetched, but it’s a true story, and hidden within it are the secrets to acquiring a more successful, rewarding career.

The Mystery of Connection

In reality, this type of chance connection happens all the time. How do you...

About the Authors

As the Co-Founder of Paramount Capital, Inc.,Peter Morgan Kash has co-raised more than $500 million in venture capital and has helped start more than 12 successful companies. He has also taught at the Wharton School of Business, and is currently a visiting professor at several institutions. Tom Monte is a freelance author and writer who has co-authored several best sellers, including Robert Pritikin’s, Weight Loss Breakthrough.

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