Making Work Visible
A review of

Making Work Visible

Exposing Time Theft to Optimize Work & Flow

Productive Workflow

by David Meyer

Dominica DeGrandis, the Principal Flow Adviser at Tasktop, offers a condensed guide to the fundamentals of Lean, kanban and flow to help you prioritize work tasks and increase productivity, efficiencies and revenue.

Dominica DeGrandis, the Principal Flow Adviser at software company Tasktop, explains that few of today’s workers understand how to maximize efficiency and productivity. In response, she teaches how to create effective workflow systems to boost the visibility of work. DeGrandis helps leaders lead through visual management techniques.


Many leaders constantly take on new projects, working teams beyond their maximum capacity rather than selecting the highest-value opportunities. Yet taking on more work than you have the capacity for results in time theft. DeGrandis identifies “five thieves” – “too much work-in-progress, unknown dependencies, unplanned work, conflicting priorities” and “neglected work” – that strike at the hearts of teams and businesses.

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