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Fredmund Malik, a Swiss management expert, eviscerates much of common practice in large corporations without seeming angry, just a bit cantankerous. Malik’s take on meetings? Get rid of them. Performance reviews? Twaddle. Managers’ pep talks aimed at building enthusiasm? Don’t waste your time. Malik pokes holes in conventional wisdom and offers commonsense alternatives. getAbstract recommends his guide to managers who’d like to rethink ordinary practices. The original edition, published in German, is regarded as a management classic.

About the Author

Fredmund Malik is one of Europe’s top experts on management, leadership and corporate governance. He is the founder of an institution carrying his name. He lives in Switzerland.



Focus on Strengths

Too often, managers emphasize workers’ weaknesses. Human resources managers set out to identify weaknesses and teach workers to overcome them. Deficiencies lead to mistakes and subpar performance. Weaknesses are easy to find but difficult to eliminate. Ask a manager about his or her staff, and you’ll hear a litany of employee shortcomings. To be an effective manager, stop complaining about your employees’ shortcomings and trying to fix their weaknesses. Focus instead on their strengths.

Assign workers to tasks they’re good at, and they’ll do a bang-up job. Few people are fortunate enough to be multitalented. The greats of music, the arts and athletics have talent in one arena.

A good boss identifies weaknesses only to know what sort of assignments to avoid giving a worker. The effective manager finds a worker’s wheelhouse and keeps the employee focused on tasks in that zone of excellence. A track coach wouldn’t think of putting a slow runner in a sprint, or a sprinter in a long-distance slog.

The coach assesses each athlete’s strengths and weaknesses, steers the athlete toward a suitable event and provides training. Direct your staffers...

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    E. D. 3 years ago
    This book is a keeper. It is something I will refer to again and again.
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    H. M. 3 years ago
    One of the best ‘read over and over again’ books. A guide to follow.
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    M. d. 4 years ago
    Great stuff to simplify and have more focus on what to do as manager.
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    A. C. 4 years ago