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Managing Sales Leads

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Managing Sales Leads

Turning Cold Prospects into Hot Customers

Thomson Texere,

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Sales inquiries are the pixie dust that can make your company magically grow – if you produce and track them correctly.

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Sales guru James Obermayer believes that companies should hold their marketing departments accountable for generating sales leads, and in this book, he explains how marketers can live up to the challenge. He discusses how to set targeted return on investment (ROI) goals for marketing programs and sales leads. He details how marketing executives can use tracking and control techniques and systems to determine which promotional expenditures deliver the best sales returns. getAbstract recommends this outstanding guide on sales-lead generation, monitoring, evaluation and control to marketing and sales professionals and those who manage them.


A Success Story

At many companies, sales are down. In the face of falling revenues, companies often reduce their marketing budgets. However, if executives really want to stop the bleeding, marketing is the place to do it – especially when it focuses on generating sales leads.

At one company, a new marketing manager asked her board for a big increase in her budget as part of her initial presentation. She explained to the board why the company’s usual laid-back marketing plans were uncompetitive and inefficient, and she promised that, if the board gave her the money and the internal cooperation she requested, she would turn things around in 24 months. On behalf of her department, she accepted accountability for boosting sales. Her marketing program specified sales quotas and the number of inquiries it would generate for each product and set tight time frames. The marketing manager showed the board the formulas she had used to arrive at her projections and promised she’d be able to demonstrate a direct correlation between the company’s investment in marketing and its sales.

The confident new manager promised that marketing could achieve a 30% to 40% return on every...

About the Author

James Obermayer is a principal at a U.S. business consulting firm. An expert on tracking, evaluating and controlling sales leads, he helps firms improve their marketing and increase sales.

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