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Marketing Above the Noise

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Marketing Above the Noise

Achieve Strategic Advantage with Marketing That  Matters


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In the new world of social business, customers know more than ever, so firms must change their marketing strategies.

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Marketing consultant and educator Linda J. Popky explains how her new marketing model – “Dynamic Market Leverage” – works in the world of “social business.” She tells marketers how to cut through media noise so people can hear their message. She offers short, interesting vignettes to explain why – in an environment of social-media overload and easy information – marketers must focus on informing customers and must pay attention to what they think. Her examples are lively, but not quite detailed enough to be actionable, and the book doesn’t break a lot of new ground for those who are already at home with social media and big data. Still, getAbstract recommends Popky’s smart suggestions to those new to marketing and to experienced marketers dealing with a new era of selling.


The Noisy Marketplace

Marketers too often ignore the fundamentals of their craft. Many marketing campaigns only add to existing media clutter. Marketers must navigate through the noise – the irrelevant data and messages drowning out the transmission of desired product information to target audiences. Noise from your organization or from the competition distracts from your sales process and crowds out your real message. Consider that people send more than 160 billion emails daily, of which 97% are spam. They launch 58 million tweets daily and send 250,000 Instagram photos per second. That’s a lot of noise.

Instead, go back to the basics of marketing: Know your customers, develop a quality product at the right price and promote your offerings in the correct media to reach your target market. Implement strategic thinking and build a long-term plan that makes your product distinctive and memorable. To refocus, marketers must remember their true goal: building an ongoing, profitable business. To that end, they need to rediscover the essential facts of their target market and develop a consistent message that conveys their company’s consumer benefits.

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About the Author

Speaker, educator and consultant Linda J. Popky is president of Leverage2Market Associates in Silicon Valley, California.

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    C. G. 8 years ago
    I like the reference to Zillow and learning about how they were able to get creative in their approach to engaging their customer base.

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