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Marketing Metrics

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Marketing Metrics

Leverage Analytics and Data to Optimize Marketing Strategies

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A proven expert in digital marketing and data-driven strategy names the numbers you need to know and watch.

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Thoughtlight CEO Christina Inge understands the problem every business faces in the modern world – too much data, too little time to process it. Her practical guide, Marketing Metrics, will not only show you what data you need to collect and how, but will steer you through the process of integrating your different data streams, putting essential metrics onto dashboards that your team can use, and turning information into a strategy for growth.


Modern marketing metrics help you understand how customers are interacting with your brand, but they also represent new challenges.

With the advent of big data, you can determine where your customers are coming from, what they’re looking for, how likely they are to purchase, and even what they will likely do in the future – vital information for developing your marketing strategy. Executives know data-driven marketing is critical for competitive advantage, but many are unsure of how best to make use of the data available to them.

The data now available is more complex and poses new challenges. It comes from new technologies (such as AI and machine learning) as well as information collected directly from customers, and it is often stored in different forms and scattered across the organization. Taking full advantage of it means changing long-established practices and developing more responsive, real-time processes.

A modern company needs a metrics-driven culture, one in which data impacts all operations. But that will only be effective when there is an overall strategy for evaluating data in the context of the nature of your business,&#...

About the Author

Christina Inge is founder and CEO of Thoughtlight, a consulting firm specializing in digital marketing and analytics strategies. She is a Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council member, and an instructor at Harvard University Extension School and Northeastern University College of Professional Studies.

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