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Master Mentors

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Master Mentors

30 Transformative Insights from Our Greatest Minds

HarperCollins Leadership,

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Learning from one great leader can be transformative. So, what if you can learn from dozens?

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As host of the popular On Leadership podcast, Scott Miller regularly spends time chatting with thought leaders and top business minds. In this collection of essays, he distills the most profound insights he’s gained from 30 renowned leaders – from military generals and sports stars to best-selling authors – on how to transform your mind-set, life and career. His deep familiarity with the topics, and love for them, comes through – as does the easy, conversational style of his best podcasts. Assembling them in one place multiplies their power.


Great mentors appreciate life.

Perhaps no one projects more appreciation for life than Nick Vujicic, although few people would have more reason to disparage it. Vujicic was born without limbs, and cannot do things most people take for granted, like feed himself. However, the perspective Vujicic brings to his life experiences demonstrates the transformative power of mindfulness and positive thinking.

Growing up, Trent Shelton dreamed of playing professional sports. He attended Baylor University on a football scholarship, but he wasn’t drafted into professional football. He made the Colts as a free agent, but was let go. He played for the Washington Football Team and in the Arena League. His biggest disappointments – and lessons – came from a back-and-forth relationship with the Seattle Seahawks. Shelton played on their practice team; they let him go, then asked him to come back from his home in Texas. He was en route when the Seahawks called him at the airport to say they changed their mind. This taught Shelton that no matter what you’re going through, it isn’t your “final destination.” You can make the future better.


About the Author

Scott Jeffrey Miller hosts FranklinCovey’s podcast On Leadership.

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