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Consultant Susan Finerty details how to flourish in matrix organizations. She describes “seven essentials” for thriving matrices and offers real-world examples from her consultancy. She shows how each element of a matrix can affect the others. Many companies aren’t formal matrix organizations, but if you work for a global or multi-site business, you probably experience some aspects of a matrix. Finerty offers a useful perspective for staff members and managers working for multiple bosses or serving cross-functional teams.

About the Authors

Susan Finerty is the founder of Finerty Consulting and the author of The Cross-Functional Influence Playbook. She works with matrix organizations and staff, and teaches at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

To work effectively in a matrix role, use seven elements that build on each other. 

Finerty addresses matrix teams that leverage services across companies with units that are separated by geography and that facilitate complex, cross-functional projects. Whether formal or informal, she notes, this structure creates complex pathways that are hard to negotiate. Solving the maze starts with establishing sound partnerships to align goals, clarify staff roles and make decisions.

Succeeding in any of the four matrix roles, the author insists, depends on using the Seven Essentials. The four roles are:

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