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Mastering Creativity

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Mastering Creativity

Break Through Mental Blocks, Uncover Your Creative Genius, and Make Brilliance a Habit

James Clear,

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Creativity is not a gift, but a matter of choice and habit.

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Creativity isn’t something that a few lucky geniuses just happen to have; it’s the product of routine hard work wrought by normal human beings. Even if hard work doesn’t sound like the solution you were looking for, entrepreneur, blogger and public speaker James Clear will show that implementing carefully designed routines can help you produce the quantities of work you need to generate before you can reach greatness. Clear offers salient, applicable tips to kick-start your own creative capabilities. getAbstract recommends this guide to you if you wish you could increase personal creative output – especially if you have never thought of yourself as being creative.


Success is largely a numbers game: Even the most prolific creatives are only prolific because they were willing to produce a large body of bad work when they first got started. Eventually you wade through enough “garbage” to get to the gems. While this “Equal Odds Rule” – originally developed in 1977 by psychologist Keith Simonton – may not apply to a select handful of true geniuses, for everyone else, it can serve as motivation to persist: To harvest great work, you first have to produce an abundant flow of mediocrity.

To increase your mediocre output, work...

About the Author

James Clear is a personal development blogger, an entrepreneur, a public speaker and a photographer.

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