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Therapist Lori Gottlieb places herself foursquare in the center of this autobiographical saga. She sought therapy for herself when her boyfriend unexpectedly broke off their relationship. She depicts her story of self-discovery with her therapist, and shares tales of her therapy patients as they work through their issues. She describes the turns, twists and roadblocks she encounters as a patient and a therapist. Using these collective experiences, Gottlieb explains the therapeutic process and provides an insider’s view of a therapy practice. When she asks if maybe you should see someone, she’s speaking from the front lines.

About the Author

Best-selling author and psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb writes the “Dear Therapist” column for The Atlantic


As a therapist helping patients grapple with pain, Lori Gottlieb wrestles with her own vulnerabilities.

Therapist Lori Gottlieb describes how, reeling from an unexpected breakup she called the “Boyfriend Incident,” she couldn’t eat, sleep or concentrate.

The Boyfriend Incident was Gottlieb’s “presenting problem,” the issue that sent her to a therapist. Gottlieb and Boyfriend had been seeing each other for two years and planned to marry. She regarded him as smart, thoughtful, generous and romantic. But he ended their relationship, she reports, because he did not want to raise her son.

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