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Dan Schawbel’s book teaches college students and those who are new to the world of work how to build and promote their personal brands so they can approach the job market with confidence. While the book targets Gen Y, other age groups can benefit from its detailed advice on building a personal brand by using various online tools. A personal brand not only helps you get hired, it also leads to opportunities and advancement. Even though people often regard a “me, me, me” attitude and self-promotion as negative, Schawbel says it makes sense to focus on yourself as you build your brand. After all, you are the best person to advertise your abilities and expertise. getAbstract finds that this book provides in-depth instructions for developing your personal reputation and brand without making you feel like an egotistical self-promotion machine.


You and Your Brand

Popular brands’ individual traits affect consumers’ beliefs and impressions. You and your personal brand can do the same. Personal branding is the way to market yourself. Websites and social networks provide multiple opportunities for advertising and reinforcing your brand so you can promote yourself positively to further your job hunt or your career.

Branding creates visibility, which leads to opportunities. You can achieve visibility by building a network of bloggers and journalists to create a “sphere of influence.” You and your supporters also form such a circle; expand it by building trust, showing your skills and networking widely. Personal branding lets you show your strengths in an authentic way that potential employers will appreciate. Don’t pretend to have a different personality or try to reshape yourself into what you think everyone wants.

Beginning Your Branding Journey

Many American young people experience personal branding for the first time during the college admissions process, which has just one goal: to impress admissions official. Once you are enrolled, develop your brand by learning and participating in classes, ...

About the Author

Dan Schawbel is the publisher of Personal Branding Magazine and founding partner of Millennial Branding, LLC.

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