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Christopher Engman,

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Megadeals define big business.  

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Megadeals define big business. And Megadeals defines these massive, multilayered transactions. Authors Johan Aberg, CEO of Next State, and Christopher Engman, managing partner at Megadeals Advisory, interviewed more than 60 megadealers. Each one spent from two hours up to 10 hours explaining how megadeals come together. Aberg and Engman report that megadealers who can master and win megadeals earn the “biggest money in the business world.” Megadealers and aspiring megadealers can turn to this expert book for help understanding the complex, convoluted and high-stakes intricacies of megadeals.



Managing a megadeal is not the same as complex selling. Megadeals are the peak test of business prowess – huge, unwieldy and risky.

Megadeals are the biggest business deals. They run from $10 million to $15 billion or more, dwarfing the biggest conventional B2B sales. Planning and negotiating a megadeal is the Super Bowl of corporate negotiations, with complex terms, tremendous costs, and high risks for buyers and sellers.

Most major business deals focus on maximizing returns, but megadeal participants must also handle and mitigate enormous accompanying risks.

Megadeals, as the word implies, are economic undertakings with huge financial tallies and widespread consequences. Many of the world’s largest corporations became dominant due to megadeals. These corporations have sometimes relied on megadeals to finance their past, present or future operations.

Successful megadealers align their offers with their customers’ key initiatives. Otherwise, finding the money for a megadeal is almost impossible. 

Corporations contemplating a megadeal must have all their plans lined up ...

About the Authors

Johan Aberg, CEO of Next State, and Christopher Engman, managing partner at Megadeals Advisory, have worked with more than 100 Fortune 500 companies whose marketing and sales focus on giant deals.

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