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Mentored by a Millionaire

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Mentored by a Millionaire

Master Strategies of Super Achievers


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How to run with your big idea, conquer limited resources, map your vision, get great partners and achieve your dreams.

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Steven K. Scott takes a while to get to his message as he reiterates what he will present and how he struck it rich after failing in his first eight jobs. While his advice is good, if sometimes familiar, you have to be a bit patient to find it since his 15 sharp success strategies aren't always his chapter headings. He offers techniques for turning your personal vision into a reality, and includes numerous anecdotes about how famous historic figures achieved their goals. He also provides useful worksheets, comparison charts, summaries, definitions, steps, actions and goals. Scott tends to repeat examples and spotlight his own achievements, so this is a bit extended, but getAbstract finds that his detailed case histories and solid counsel carry the day.


Master Mentors

People who are "super achievers" do things differently. They use unconventional approaches to reach their goals, regardless of their circumstances, whether they are rich or poor, and highly educated or street-smart. In contrast, many people achieve normal goals and work against the odds, but only accomplish a portion of their dreams because they are conventional thinkers who do not reach for big success or think strategically or innovatively.

People become super achievers with the help of their mentors, which is the "fast way," or they learn through a painful process of trying and failing, until they get it right. This is the "slow way." Those who are striving upward tend to fall into four archetypes: "drifters," who go with the flow; "pursuers," who chase their dreams though they lack critical strategies and skills; "achievers," who make their own paths toward top goals, succeeding to some extent but failing to attain outstanding results; and super achievers, who acknowledge no limits, and carefully learn and wield 15 key strategies. Super achievers think and act differently, unencumbered by boundaries.

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About the Author

Steven K. Scott also wrote A Millionaire's Notebook and Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams. After failing in nine jobs, he launched several successful corporations.

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