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Millionaire Upgrade

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Millionaire Upgrade

Lessons in Success From Those Who Travel at the Sharp End of the Plane


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Fed up with working for a soulless corporation? Then the life of an entrepreneur may suit you.

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This business parable uses a composite successful entrepreneur who shares the principles of success that Richard Parkes Cordock learned by interviewing 50 self-made millionaires. The format of the story is based on a real event that happened when one of the Cordock relatives was seated next to Sir Richard Branson on a flight. Sir Richard, just like the Michael Redford of the book, was generous in sharing his business insights with the young entrepreneur. The book describes the key differences between the entrepreneur and the rest of us: attitude, persistence and tenacity. The acronym “I Believe” appears a bit strained, but the principles behind it are sound, established and timeless. getAbstract suggests this book may be best for a younger person ready to break out and take on the world, but even a more mature, seasoned entrepreneur may benefit from the pep talk.


The Road to Belief

Perhaps you are a young person full of ambition and ready to take on the world. Or, maybe you have been in the workforce for a few years and feel that you would rather be building your own business than functioning as a cog in a corporate machine. Whatever your situation, consider what you would do if you found yourself on a long flight seated next to a successful self-made millionaire.

What if the mogul took an interest in you and wanted to share the hard-won lessons he or she had learned on the way? Would you want to listen? Would you be ready to hear, understand and implement the advice you received while sitting in that lucky seat? What do you suppose you would hear? Better yet, what if you had the opportunity to meet more than 50 of these self-made, super-rich dynamos and could distill their lessons into an acronym? What might it be? What about “I BELIEVE”?

Confidence in Yourself

“I” stands for “I Believe in Myself,” an entrepreneurial mantra. Employees think in a completely different way to entrepreneurs. Employees look at the pay, the benefits, the pension and the security. Entrepreneurs may have riches as one of their goals...

About the Author

Richard Parkes Cordock specializes in personal leadership and self-made business success, and is the creator of the self-development program Millionaire MBA.

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    R. C. 6 years ago
    Very descriptive summary but concrete. The "meat" of the book centers in 8 key common drivers that millionaires have: I BELIEVE: (I) Intensive Confidence, (B) Believe with Passion, (E) Extend their confort zone, (L) Lies & Luck don't work, (I) Install Goals, (E) Enjoy hardwork, (V) Very Very persistence, and (E) Expect People. + (Magic Ingredient) Add great people! Not many tips but enought descriptors that invites for autoreflection!