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Mindful Self-Discipline

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Mindful Self-Discipline

Living with Purpose and Achieving Your Goals in a World of Distractions

Giovanni Dienstmann,

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Live your life in harmony with what you deem important, and focus on realizing your potential, goals and dreams.

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Some people mistakenly believe self-discipline encourages self-shaming or imposes unwelcome restrictions on their lives. Meditation teacher and coach Giovanni Dienstmann aims to counter these misconceptions by extolling the virtues of mindful self-discipline. Cultivating self-discipline, he argues, improves your focus and well-being and gives you the personal power you need to achieve your goals. Dienstmann’s comprehensive three-pillar approach helps you uncover your true aspirations, gain self-awareness to overcome obstacles and start your journey.


Use the power of self-discipline to journey toward your goals without fear, doubt or distraction.

Self-discipline embodies more than just good habits, organizational prowess or time management proficiency; it is an essential life skill. Self-disciplined people possess the ability to find happiness and live a fully engaged life. When you learn the art of self-discipline, you acquire the capacity to navigate the distractions and busyness of life today and to achieve your future goals.

To cultivate self-discipline, align your actions with your aspirations and acquire the power you need to achieve them. With self-discipline, you integrate the many virtues that enrich your life, such as growth, self-control, determination and optimism. You stay focused on your future, finish what you start, resist temptation and use your time well.

Think of self-discipline as the one life skill that gives you the power and ability to work toward your true aspirations. It helps you resist the diversion of temporary, fleeting enjoyment today at the expense of your future success and happiness. When you balance your ambitions with your expectations, you...

About the Author

Giovanni Dienstmann is a best-selling author and speaker who advocates for improving your life through self-discipline and meditation. He coaches and teaches meditation at schools, hospitals and spiritual centers.

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    A. K. 4 months ago
    I did the "when x happens, I will do Y" and the only issue with this mindset is when it turns into "UNTIL X happens, I WON'T do Y," and then you are able to avoid something you don't like doing and promote your own procrastination. There's also logic circles you walk into when you are trying to talk yourself into or out of doing something you shouldn't, because human nature is to justify what you want to yourself and it is a skill you cultivate unknowingly and that leads to spiraling.