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Mobile isn’t merely an extra sales channel – a “side dish” you tack on to your company; now, it’s the whole enchilada. Mobile tech expert SC Moatti advises business leaders to take an informed, “mobile-first” approach. But her approach to helping your company tap into the “mobile revolution,” is a “human-first” formula designed to unite people and their devices by focusing mobile technology on the “body, spirit and mind.” This supports the beauty, meaning and adaptability people want from their mobile devices. A mobile product rests primarily on its app. Of course, its sleek, functional, minimalist tech matters, too, but the app forms the valuable bi-directional data bridge where user and provider meet. They learn from each other – both “fast and slow” – and they form “community.” Moatti’s manual delivers in lively style with relevant case studies. getAbstract recommends her inspiring overview to consumers, entrepreneurs and product designers who want to add a mobile component to their offerings.

About the Author

Tech visionary and Opera Software board member, SC Moatti developed mobile app strategies for Nokia, Facebook and Trulia. She founded Products That Count, which advises companies on mobile-first approaches to growth, and is managing director of The Angels’ Forum.



“Mobile Has Eaten the World”

The mobile revolution is a momentous change that overlaps artificial intelligence, personalized marketing and “sticky” technology. You always keep your mobile device close by; in fact, most people check their phones as soon as they wake up. The mobile revolution uses technology, but it centers on people. Great “mobile products” embrace “human-first principles.” They are designed to enhance people’s capacity for social and creative interaction. As mobile technology develops further, your device will get smaller and neater. Soon, mobile tech will embed in “everyday objects” and, perhaps, even within your body.

The Mobile Product “Gold Rush”

People now use mobile devices more than they use desk-based computers. Like a new gold rush, the mobile boom creates losers and winners. Innovative companies adopt a “mobile-first” strategy, though some fail to understand or implement it well. Overall, the mobile industry contributes an average of 5% of gross domestic product in many countries.

The smartphone app is the linchpin of mobile success. Today, nearly 90% of people who access online services do so through “dedicated” apps, not web...

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