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Lorraine Spurge presents a series of tips, primarily directed to novices in the business or work world, on how to make money, save it and invest it. Her section on making money deals with finding a job you like, creating a family budget and buying a house. She discusses banking basics, different investments, kids’ financial training, the stock market, taxes and long-term planning. Given the writing style and the focus on the family and kids, the book seems to be primarily directed toward women who are just starting their businesses or who hold entry-level jobs. Spurge’s book will seem too basic to those who were not financially born yesterday. Many of the suggestions will seem obvious or repetitive of other manuals, like career-planning books such as What Color is Your Parachute. However, if you are newly hatched and blinking wide-eyed at the bright world of financial self-sufficiency, getAbstract has just the book for you.


Making Money

Before you can save or invest, you have to make money. Start by honestly assessing your situation at work and determine what kind of financial foundation you are building for your future. Ponder ways to turn what you love doing into a paying occupation. Consider where your skills are the strongest. Think about how your industry is doing this year compared with last year in terms of deciding where to invest your time and effort.

Ideally, you should really love your work, because you will enjoy life more and do a better job. In fact, if you do what you love and use your work to share your gifts with others, then the money will follow as a natural result.

To assess yourself, think about your learned skills, personal skills, your favorite part of your past or current job, your hobbies, community interests and tasks you have liked doing the most. Research different careers and opportunities and use networking to get closer to the job you want. Interview professionals in a particular company or industry to learn about available jobs and skip the human resources department. Go to the person who holds the job you find of interest. After you have made contact...

About the Author

Lorraine Spurge began her career as a secretary and went on to the highest ranks of the investment world. She is credited with raising more money for American businesses than any other woman on Wall Street. She has been a consultant for numerous companies, including MCI, Time-Warner, Mattel, Chrysler, Viacom and Revlon. Today, she heads her own firm, Spurge Ink!, which publishes business, career and investing information for individuals.

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