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101 Insider Secrets from Top Direct Selling Experts

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Get advice from the experts in home-based direct selling, from building relationships to coaching your team to success.

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If you’ve ever attended a Tupperware party or spoken to a Mary Kay or Avon representative, then you are familiar with the concept of direct selling. More than 49 million people worldwide are hawking everything from toys to life insurance as independent contractors. Many of these professionals found a terrific resource in the book Build it Big, published by the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance (DSWA). Now, the organization has compiled more insights, anecdotes, tips and techniques, specifically for female direct-sales professionals. Unlike most business writing, which is usually gender-neutral or all about "him," the operative pronoun here is "her." Although the sales strategy and self improvement advice isn’t particularly new, it is solid. The book guides promising novices (most advice would apply to men as well as women) through the direct sales necessities, from finding inspiration and prospects, to asking for referrals or sales, dressing appropriately and building a team. Whether you need the advice or support of a coach, a sales guru or a fashion diva, getAbstract believes you will find it in this collection of 101 best practice essays from veterans of home-based sales businesses.


The Direct Selling Profession

What is direct selling? From make-up to home decorating to jewelry, independent contractors known as direct selling professionals purvey a huge variety of products and services. These home-based entrepreneurs market and sell products and services for commissions ranging from 20% to 50%, and many also build teams of other salespeople. In exchange, most parent companies provide research, products, sales materials and incentives, training, shipping and storage. As a direct sales representative, you are essentially your own boss, but you get the support of a corporate entity even as you experience the freedom, flexibility and rewards of entrepreneurship. Just heed the following tips, which offer practical and personal advice as well as strategies for success in direct marketing.

"Challenging the Misconceptions"

Several misconceptions prevent people from going into direct sales. One myth is that it takes a large initial investment. In fact, Inc. magazine’s 2004 list of "America’s fastest-growing small businesses" cites the average start-up cost as around $25,000. Actually, many entrepreneurs start with less than $1,000. Prospective ...

About the Author

Direct Selling Women's Alliance (DSWA) is a professional organization for home-based entrepreneurs. It provides education and support for those involved in network marketing, party-based selling and person-to-person sales.

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