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Motivation and Goal-Setting

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Motivation and Goal-Setting

How to Set and Achieve Goals and Inspire Others

Career Press,

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How would your friends describe you? What is your dream job? What’s more important to you, friendship or success? Before you set your next career goal, answer some of the questions posed here.

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Motivation and Goal-Setting shows rather than tells. Instead of launching into long-winded sermons about discovering your "true" identity, author Jim Cairo poses a few simple questions that set the reader off on an interesting path of introspection. By forcing you to get involved with the book by answering these questions yourself, Cairo is using the principles that he writes about. The exercises he suggests will start building momentum that you can carry right over into your own personal goals. The book falters only in the sections on motivation and change, where Cairo lapses into generic sloganeering about learning from mistakes and embracing change. Regardless, getAbstract recommends this book to anyone who feels that they could use a second wind, from a high-school student struggling to remain motivated, to a 55-year-old CEO looking for fresh challenges.


To succeed, identify your desired outcome. Follow an eight-step plan to reach your goals.

Begin every journey by starting with the end. You need to have your destination clearly identified before you can hope to arrive. If you clearly understand where you want to be, you can make sure that your actions each and every day will bring you one step closer to that desired place. Although determining your ideal outcome is the first step toward achieving your goals, it is also a step that must be carefully considered.

Outcomes are not the same as goals. Goals represent the ideal state you wish to achieve; outcomes are the real results that you experience. Sometimes the eventual outcome will be more desirable than your original goal. Your ability to adapt and to be flexible can be valuable. Regardless of whether your desired outcome is to earn a college degree, buy a home, or get a promotion, the process is the same. The goals you set must be consistent with your true identity and you need to sustain your motivation over time. The eight steps to success are:

1. Examine your identity – Begin with self-awareness.

Figure out who you are and who you want...

About the Author

Jim Cairo is the author, editor and narrator of several books, videos and audio cassettes, including The Power of Effective Listening.

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    J. L. 8 years ago
    I like this quote "Start now. As you get moving, your momentum builds. With momentum comes motivation." Motivation is my biggest challenge.
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    E. C. 8 years ago
    We must have a good motivation in order to achieve our goals.
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    P. L. 9 years ago
    Without having a clear objective or outcome you will never accomplish your goal.