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My Morning Routine

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My Morning Routine

How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired


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You don’t have to be a morning person to jump-start a revitalizing, energizing day.

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Do you stagger out of bed frazzled and overwhelmed? That’s no way to start the day, say Benjamin Spall and Michael Xander, co-founders of Their research shows that a purposeful, nurturing morning sets you up for the day ahead. In addition to suggestions for helpful morning rituals, they interview successful people – including Olympic medal winners, CEOs, authors and educators – about their morning habits to provide inspiration for developing your own early regimen.


Your morning routine affects the rest of your day.

Hurrying through the first hours of the morning will not help you face the day awake, alert and ready. Productive, successful people start their days deliberately, with intention. A morning routine is not one-size-fits-all. What works for one person may not be right for another. Your work hours, your personal rhythms and your children, if you have kids, dictate the best way to begin your day. Some people commit to uncluttered living and rigorous exercise. Others prefer a routine focused on spiritual pursuits and self-care. A rejuvenating morning routine makes the difference between reaching your daily objectives and falling short.

As you go through different stages of life, your morning routine will evolve. If you align your actions with your beliefs and intentions, how you shape your mornings will add value to your life. Whether you’re an early riser or a late sleeper doesn’t matter. The first hour of your day, whatever time it may occur, paves the way for the remainder.

Learning how other people begin their day can inspire you to craft your morning routine.

About the Authors

Benjamin Spall and Michael Xander co-founded the online magazine My Morning Routine. Spall writes for The New York Times, Observer and Business Insider. Xander is a product designer and engineer.

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