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Nationalism vs. Globalism summary
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Historian Yuval Noah Harari, speaking with TED curator Chris Anderson, makes a cogent case for global governance amid the rising tide of nationalism. Expansive, eloquent and deeply philosophical, the discussion benefits from shrewd questions from a studio and Facebook audience. While maintaining a politically neutral stance, getAbstract recommends this rich conversation to anyone who wonders if there is any escape from the current political malaise.

About the Speaker

Historian and social critic Yuval Noah Harari is the author of Sapiens and Homo Deus.



For many, the events of 2016 shattered a decades-long narrative that globalization and liberalism would bring a modern utopia. Globalization and progressivism did, in fact, bring many boons. People are less likely to die from starvation, infectious disease and crime today than in previous generations. But as the world globalized and many prospered, “ordinary people” lost jobs and felt left behind, and they rebelled powerfully. These people, believing that the solution lies in the past, not in the future, seek to return to previous ways of life and thinking. And so the dividing line in politics no longer resides between the left and the right but between “global and national, global or local.” Wars aside,

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    D. O. 4 years ago
    This has got to be such an interesting subject nowadays
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    a. A. 4 years ago
    Nice summery however the idea of a "global authority" is exactly what voters in UK, USA & France? rejected!