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Adventures in the Science of Fear

Eva HollandPRH CA • 2020

Coping With Fear

by David Meyer

Journalist Eva Holland explores – with admirable candor and charm – the origins of her inescapable fears and the therapeutic paths she followed to minimize them.

Essayist Eva Holland knows fear, from a fear of heights to terror about driving that came on after multiple car wrecks. These paled in comparison to her primary, visceral fear that her mom would die. When Holland’s worst nightmare came true, she sought to discover the nature of fear and its origins. Could she conquer fear through psychology and science? Part memoir, part history, part scientific inquiry, Holland’s exploration provides hope for those seeking to overcome their fears.

Her Worst Fear

Eva Holland was on a canoe trip in Northwestern British Columbia when she received the message she’d feared since childhood. A fisheries officer piloted a boat to Holland’s remote campsite, leaving a note that changed Holland’s life: “Eva Holland you must call Nathan immediately regarding your mother.” 

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