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Net Future

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Net Future

The 7 Cybertrends That Will Drive Your Business, Create Wealth, and Define Your Future


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Do you think you already understand how the Internet will affect your business in the future? Think again. The Internet is the future of business — here's how to make it work for you.

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This book is packed with information that shows executives why it is important to use both the Internet and their company’s Intranet to assure success in the new millennium. Author Chuck Martin contends that the Net Future will change the face of business forever. Customer behavior will change so much that companies will have to change completely in reaction. Since consumers will drive business, managers must understand that doing business will never be the same. This book is probably the best general resource available today on the influence of the Internet on business. It offers specific examples and tips on how to prepare for doing business in the twenty-first century. It includes many interesting, fun-to-read anecdotes. Information is offered clearly and concisely. The book provides criteria a company can use to measure whether it is ready for business in the Net Future. recommends this book to executives or entrepreneurs in any industry.


The Net Future Shock

The Net Future is not just about doing business on the Internet. It has to do with all facets of reaching the customer, from design to production to consumption. Companies who realize this will come out as winners. Companies who don’t, will take huge losses. Also, the Net Future doesn’t just mean you should have a pretty web site. To participate in the Net Future, you need to integrate all phases of your operation and all aspects of your company with use of the Internet.

The issue is the E-business revolution. To succeed, companies need to do five things: Draw and keep consumers. Change product distribution methods. Redefine pricing and eventually change to customer-driven pricing. Reorganize the authority and culture within the company. And, align home and work, realizing that personal and work lives will be brought together.

To be successful in the face of the E-business revolution, be aware of these seven major trends:

  1. "The Cybereconomy Goes Main Street": The new on-line consumer wants faster service than ever before.
  2. "The Wired Workforce Takes Over": The new technology will allow employees to form work communities.

About the Author

Chuck Martin is the author of the business bestseller The Digital Estate: Strategies for Competing and Thriving in a Networked World. He is a well-respected leader, speaker and cyber-expert in the rapidly growing interactive marketplace. A former vice president of IBM, he was the founding publisher of Interactive Age. He is now president of the Net Future Institute.

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