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Mastering the Customer Conversation Using the Surprising Science of Decision Making

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NeuroSelling turns prospects into partners by using brain science and psychology.

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Throughout his career, B2B sales expert Jeff Bloomfield has studied why and how customers buy. His eye-opening approach combines proven scientific principles in brain chemistry and psychology with information on how to construct memorable, effective selling stories. In addition to its value for salespeople, parents, managers, coaches and leaders, Bloomfield’s NeuroSelling strategy works for anyone who needs to positively influence other people. He walks through the science clearly but quickly, and then focuses on helping you sell. 


Understanding how the brain processes information and makes decisions will help you persuade people.

Selling to B2B prospects when countless competitors are trying to do the same thing at the same time is tough. To jump to the head of the line, consider the sales lessons in this true story:

Author Jeff Bloomfield’s son Drew suffers from a serious peanut allergy. Eating the smallest amount of any food that contains even a minuscule amount of peanuts could result in anaphylaxis. When that happens, Drew needs an immediate epinephrine injection, or he could die. Bloomfield and his wife Hazel provide EpiPens everywhere Drew might go.

Each year they warn his teachers and school staff about Drew’s condition and develop a protective plan. The Bloomfields find these meetings frustrating. The teachers and school staffers are often dismissive. Getting their attention is hard. The Bloomfields understand that educators deal with the concerns of hundreds of parents and that many parents overdramatize their worries about their kids, but peanuts...

About the Author

Author of Story-Based Selling, Jeff Bloomfield is the founder and CEO of Braintrust (, a firm that trains and develops sales and marketing professionals. He is also a frequent public speaker (

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