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Next Level Sales Coaching

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Next Level Sales Coaching

How to Build a Sales Team That Stays, Sells, and Succeeds


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Only 56.9% of B2B salespeople meet their quotas, but sales coaching can vastly improve their success rates.

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B2B selling is tough, and only a little more than half — 56.9% — of B2B salespeople regularly meet their quotas. However, companies that offer their salespeople proactive sales coaching can vastly improve their success rates. This comprehensive guide book by sales-coaching experts Steve Johnson and Matthew Hawk offers a game plan for enhancing the skills of your sales managers and making them better coaches for your salespeople.. The book is targeted at sales executives, customer service managers, and the leaders of law, consulting and accounting firms. Anyone who needs to wrap up a deal can benefit from reading it. 



Sales managers have a huge influence — good or bad — on their salespeople.

Sales managers play a pivotal role in how well their teams sell. Salespeople’s success depends on what their sales managers say and do, right or wrong.

Best-in-class sales managers treat the people on their teams with courtesy and respect, inspire them and serve as a role model for them. Quality sales managers coach their salespeople, exemplify a great attitude and create a positive culture.

Enterprise Rent-a-Car, for example, strives to create a positive culture. The company devotes attention to quality sales coaching. The corporate attitude is that the more professional and effective its salespeople are, the more the company, its market share and its stock price will grow. Companies that offer sales coaching to enhance their salespeople’s skills develop a reputation as good places to work, making it easier for them to recruit top salespeople.  

Corporate sales coaching approaches vary widely.

Gallup finds that managers affect some “70% of the variance in team engagement,” and coaching plays a major role.

Companies handle their coaching...

About the Authors

Steve Johnson is the founder and president of The Next Level Sales Consulting.  Matthew Hawk, PhD, is a consultant and vice president of instructional design and training delivery at Synchrony. 

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