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Neuro linguistic programming, which sounds like a diabolical technique straight out of A Clockwork Orange, is actually a relatively straightforward method of paying attention to the verbal and non-verbal messages that people constantly emit. By noting the inflection, body language and eye movements of others, you can glean a better understanding of what they are really thinking. Conversely, by controlling the signals that you send, you can make sure that people are getting the right message. With the caveat that many elements of NLP are straight out of Communications 101, getAbstract recommends this book to anyone in business whose communications skills could use an upgrade.

About the Author

Sue Knight pioneered the use of NLP to improve the quality of the business world. A leading international consultant and speaker based in the United Kingdom, she is also the author of NLP Solutions. She provides public courses for NLP Certification, in-company leadership development and training, one-to-one performance coaching and is a sought-after speaker at conferences worldwide.


What Is NLP?

Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) examines how thought, language and behavior function together. The goal is to better understand how language and behavior reflect thinking patterns, in order to identify conscious and unconscious thought patterns that produce positive results.

The slightly intimidating name was derived as follows:

  • Neuro refers to thinking patterns. If you can become more aware of the patterns that shape your own thinking, you can learn how they influence your life and use that knowledge to better tap your own inner resources.
  • Linguistic refers to the use of language. NLP helps you recognize and master the structure of language in order to communicate more effectively and better understand what others are saying.
  • Programming refers to the strategies that we use to run our lives, much like a computer uses a program to achieve a specific result. When you understand the strategies that you use, you can make conscious decisions to change, end or continue them based on the results that you seek.

Thinking About Thinking

As you become aware of your own thinking patterns, you gain the ability to ...

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    L. E. 5 years ago
    Another Great Read!
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    J. O. 10 years ago
    I liked this summary a lot. It is really basic description of NLP, so it might be good idea to get the whole version of the book to have more detailed information about NLP. It is really useful information in becoming a person of influence. I recommend reading this abstract and getting the book if it interests you.

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