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How to Build a Connected Culture with Virtual Teams

Larry English,

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You and your remote workers can build a strong virtual culture and increase your competitive advantage.

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Consultant and author Larry English believes in building a strong virtual culture as workplace norms shift in the wake of the coronavirus. Researchers predict 73% of teams will include remote workers by 2028, but few companies make building and maintaining their culture with all workers – including virtual ones – a priority. Many don’t even talk to new hires about culture, says English. He shares applicable tips to help you manage a remote or hybrid workforce, from screening for cultural fit to clarifying your core values. Leaders at all levels can benefit from this accessible step-by-step guide to fortifying your culture. 


Building a strong virtual culture hinges on trusting your workers.

Remote working is the future of work. Researchers predict that by 2028, 73% of teams will have virtual workers. Companies with remote teams should proactively create a connected culture. When you create a positive company culture, you do more than make work more enjoyable – you gain a big competitive advantage. A Gallup survey shows that companies with cultures that foster employee engagement see nearly 60% more revenue per worker than average.

A positive virtual culture requires trust. Employers may worry that their remote workers will underperform, but, in reality, remote workers often work harder than office workers. You don’t need to micromanage employees who work from their homes. Instead, check on their progress regularly so you discover any problems early. Treat remote workers as responsible adults, giving them autonomy and flexibility, rather than overburdening them with rules about how to structure their time.

This policy will contribute to their happiness and, in turn, they will feel a greater...

About the Author

Larry English is the co-founder and president of the management and consulting firm, Centric Consulting.

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