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David S. Rose, a self-described serial entrepreneur, has raised millions in venture capital and invested millions in tech start-ups. In the process, he has learned what works and what doesn’t when making an investment pitch. Rose imparts a wealth of knowledge, so getAbstract considers this dense lecture a worthy 15-minute investment.


For venture capitalists (VCs), the most important aspect of an investment is the entrepreneur him- or herself. Thus, when making a pitch for venture capital, your core purpose is to persuade your audience to believe in you. You have just a few minutes to convey 10 personal characteristics that will sway investors. First, exude integrity. This assures VCs that they can entrust their money to you. Be enthusiastic. If you don’t believe in your business, no one else will. Highlight your experience. VCs love serial entrepreneurs, but if you lack start-up experience, discuss organizations or nonprofits you...

About the Speaker

Nicknamed “the Pitch Coach” by Businessweek, David S. Rose is a serial entrepreneur and founder of New York Angels, a company that invests in technology start-ups.

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