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Onboarding Matters

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Onboarding Matters

How Successful Companies Transform New Customers Into Loyal Champions

Donna Weber,

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Onboard your buyers to close the revolving door of customer churn.

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Companies that disregard their customers shouldn’t be surprised when they move on to other firms in the constant surge of customer churn. No one likes being ignored, especially buyers of sophisticated services, software or high-tech products with complex installation or use requirements. Frustrated customers will abandon these products, turning your software to shelfware. Although author Donna Weber tends to use jargon, she does a thorough job of explaining her process for training and retaining clients and for developing a supportive onboarding program that answers customers’ questions proactively to eliminate potential dissatisfaction. 


Companies should cater to their customers. 

Many firms pay little or no attention to their customers after they make a sale. Their onboarding programs, which intend to signal that they care about their customers, often prove ineffectual and more aggravating than helpful. 

Negligent firms deposit new customers’ checks, then leave buyers to their own devices, forcing them to figure out how to derive the most – or any – benefit from their newly purchased products or services. 

Customers who aren’t tech-savvy often can’t figure out complex products.

Complex products and services – such as software packages – can intimidate customers, challenging them not only to figure out how to benefit from their  purchases, but simply how to use them in the first place. 

Customers with new software packages may need to transfer information, connect interfaces, customize functions and learn new procedures. That’s a daunting menu, particularly for clients who aren’t tech-savvy.

Buyers who can’t understand complicated products will abandon them and turn to...

About the Author

Donna Weber, an expert on customer onboarding, is a customer-success strategist, adviser and speaker. She also co-wrote Adviser Buddies: Creating Success and Building Resilience as a Solopreneur.

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