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One Big Thing

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One Big Thing

Discovering What You Were Born to Do

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Even the most successful people can lead unfulfilled, undirected lives. But you don’t have to.

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Many people wander through life with no direction or personal goals, even successful individuals with good jobs and hefty salaries. Modern-day Renaissance man Phil Cooke, a media consultant, offers some great ideas about how to discover your true purpose in life and to work toward it. Practical and inspirational, Cooke explains how to live a meaningful life and offers plenty of warmth and encouragement. getAbstract recommends his ideas to those who want to live life to the fullest, particularly those who share his heartfelt Christian perspective.


What Is Your Life All About?

Two “Big Questions” face everyone, particularly those who are not content with the course of their lives or careers. First, “What am I supposed to do with my life?” Where do you excel and what could you be “the best in the world at doing?” This question addresses your primary strengths. If you can answer this first Big Question, you are on the right track to finding your purpose in life – your “One Big Thing” (OBT).

People may do well, earn good salaries and attain social status. But if they do not carry out their authentic intention in life, whatever it may be, they will remain unfulfilled. For example, when someone asked a respected medical company CEO where he could be most useful, he did not know. He could say only, “I have no idea if I’m actually doing what I was really put on the earth to accomplish.” Alas, many people feel this way.

The second Big Question is “How do I get noticed?” – that is, “How do I get my voice heard?” or “How do I get my dream project on the radar?” The second Big Question is as important as the first. You may know what your purpose should be, but unless you stand out from the crowd, your dream will never...

About the Author

Phil Cooke founded Cooke Pictures, a firm that helps nonprofit organizations tell their stories. He has produced media programming in some 50 countries.

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