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Organise Yourself

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Organise Yourself

Kogan Page,

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Clutter got you down? Learn to clean up your desk and your personal life.

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Just as you would hire specialists to organize your closets, use John Caunt's tips to organize your business and personal life. He offers creative ideas for individuals who perennially can't find their notes and miss their deadlines, and provides some modest but workable solutions to chaos and clutter. Getting organized may not seem difficult, if you are an organized person. If you aren't, Caunt understands. He has given this idea a lot of thought, and his useful book may help you overcome bad habits and become more productive. getAbstract recommends this easy-to-read handbook to disorganized people who have always wondered how the other half does it.


How to Be More Efficient

At work, you face increased pressure to do more with less. Your boss expects you to multitask productively with fewer resources and less support staff. As you become more self-sufficient and take on extra responsibility, your time constraints grow, and you've still got to manage your demanding personal life. You need to be productive, but you are besieged with information. To be effective and manage the various expectations of modern life, you have to get organized.

To begin, focus on your top priorities so you can navigate through complex problems, accomplish your work and generate more free time. People cite many excuses for being disorganized: A lack of the genetic makeup or character to become organized and orderly; a work environment that is chaotic, disruptive and not conducive to organization; and having no time to learn how to be organized without getting further behind. These excuses aggravate disorganization and delay finding a cure to the ongoing accumulation of clutter and problems. Procrastination is not a solution. Instead, build a new lifestyle at work and home; adopt a consistent, systematic approach.

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About the Author

John Caunt is a freelance writer, life coach and trainer. He was a senior manager in professional education for 15 years.

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