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How Non-Conformists Move the World

Adam GrantViking • 2016

How to Be an Original

by David Meyer

Adam Grant explores the relationship between originality and creativity, and how to make them work inside organizations.

Respected Wharton School professor, consultant and best-selling author Adam Grant raises fascinating questions about originality and creativity in the workplace. The primary theme he explores through studies, anecdotal evidence and business histories is how someone original can perform effectively within an organization.

Even the most fluid, forward-thinking companies – or at least those self-described as forward thinking – can systematically resist originality. Your success depends on how you present your original ideas, especially if they don’t fit the type of originality your particular firm endorses. Grant depicts illustrative examples of creative thinkers who turned their original ideas into functioning reality. He shows a rare understanding of how organizations squelch originality and how deft, tactical and strategic the original thinker must be to thrive.

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    D. D. 7 years ago
    If you've ever noticed how well self-effacing humor works or how challenging cultural norms might get you in trouble yet might get you noticed in a positive way, then you'll want to read this book.