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Performance Dashboards

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Performance Dashboards

Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing Your Business


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How to deliver smart, databased guidance to your employees by using performance dashboards.

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If your organization already has a good handle on internal data collection and information technology, researcher and consultant Wayne W. Eckerson says it’s time to consider taking the next step: implementing performance dashboards. This entails using dashboard software applications to integrate information that follows your business processes with information on your strategic objectives to create a performance guide for employees’ activities and priorities. Eckerson’s handy book explores how dashboards can help your staffers make their everyday actions consistent with long-term organizational goals. Though the book is directed toward businesspeople who deal with information technology, getAbstract finds it perfectly useful for managers and executives who are generally interested in performance improvement initiatives.


Introducing Performance Dashboards

The concept of performance dashboards stems from business performance management (BPM), although putting it into practice often requires an investment in information technology (IT). Dashboards provide the information you need as a leader to monitor, analyze and control the activities that matter most to fulfilling your organizational mission. Dashboard displays on staffers’ computer monitors convey data in ways that support their important tasks. Ideally, learning to use dashboards is a visually intuitive process that invites widespread employee participation and collaborative performance management efforts. To get the best results, your team must operate dashboards correctly and manage them astutely. Their utility depends on the quality of the operational metrics they embody in terms of expressing corporate goals. The more integrated and coordinated your dashboards are, the more value they can deliver.

Using Dashboards to Manage Business Performance

Business performance management is broader than business process management. Performance management encompasses process controls and other managerial disciplines that are critical...

About the Author

Wayne W. Eckerson has been researching, speaking, consulting and writing about business intelligence, data gathering, analysis and related technologies for 17 years. He is the director of research and services for The Data Warehousing Institute.

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