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Personal Branding For Dummies

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Personal Branding For Dummies


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Explore how to build, launch and benefit from creating your best self – and your own personal brand.

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Personal branding can elevate your career, improve self-confidence and help you leave a memorable first impression. This concise and simple guide will take you through how to build, launch and grow a brand that reflects your authentic self, while showcasing your expertise. Branding strategist Susan Chritton teaches you how to connect with your target audience, the dos and don’ts of social media, and how to build a successful network of trusted references. Chritton maintains that you need a strong personal brand to stand out and get ahead.


Personal branding creates trust and connects you to loyal customers.

No matter what you do for a living, if you want to excel and reach higher levels of success, you must stand out. A personal brand distinguishes you from the competition. A strong brand sends a message to potential employers or customers that you are an authentic person, as well as an expert in your field.

Most top companies, and even celebrities, put a lot of time and effort into building brands because they know the importance of what a trustworthy reputation can do for attracting a loyal customer base. For example, people look to Apple for futuristic and innovative products because Apple has created a brand customers associate with being ahead of the technology curve. If you want to project ingenuity, buy a Mac.

This type of instant association should remain your brand’s goal. Like Apple, figure out what makes you unique and how to capitalize on it. Nearly all personal branding stories begin with taking an honest look at yourself. Take the time to understand what drives your passions and...

About the Author

Susan Chritton  is a master personal brand strategist, an executive career coach and a master career counselor.

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