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The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One

Jenny BlakePortfolio • 2017

Trust Yourself and Leap

by David Meyer

Author of Life After College, Jenny Blake provides workable guidance for those early in their careers who want to layout a deliberate path.

While blazing her own trail within Google, consultant Jenny Blake describes how she pivoted toward her ultimate goal of self-employment. Determined to help people realize their career aspirations, Blake shares her framework for making planned, incremental progress toward your near-term career goals. Rather than make a reckless leap into entrepreneurship, Blake sensibly suggests taking small steps – which she, showing wise self-branding insight, labels “pivots” – to experiment, learn and iterate toward your larger goals. Her advice seems aimed at and will resonate most with those early in their careers.

In that regard, and others, Pivot proves a natural follow-up to Blake’s earlier book, Life After College, a well-reviewed, practical guide filled with spritely, workable advice like the counsel she offers here. Each manual works best for people at precise stages of their professional lives: the former for recent graduates and the latter for those who have had a taste of the working world and prefer to go their own way.

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    R. T. 2 years ago
    Based on this summary this book is probably worth a look in more detail – and not just for younger people!