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Power Up

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Power Up

How Smart Women Win in the New Economy

Seal Press,

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Women can seize leadership roles in the new economy by fighting bias and creating their own opportunities.

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The disruptive force of tech-industry startup culture creates an opportunity for women, says company founder, venture capitalist and entrepreneur Magdalena Yesil. She calls for women to rewrite the rules and seize power from gatekeepers who fail to create gender-balanced meritocracies. You can learn to fight for the paycheck you deserve, she maintains, advising you to align yourself with powerful allies who can help you overcome bias within your organization. Whether you’re trying to take your career to the next level or pivot to something new after being out of the workforce, Yesil provides tips and strategies for unleashing your full leadership potential.


“Powered-Up” women rewrite the rules as they seize leadership opportunities in the new economy.

The disruptive potential of tech startups provides women with an opportunity to rise to positions of power. The technology industry will drive the future economy, and the leaders of that economy will be able to challenge the traditionally male-dominated status quo and create meritocracies independent of gender and racial bias. 

To become a Powered-Up woman in the new economy, do these three things:

  1. Find your own source of power – Don’t depend on others to create your agenda or to act as your source of confidence or happiness.
  2. Don’t let other people dictate the rules – Don’t be afraid to challenge and rewrite the rules.
  3. Believe you’re a winner – Never internalize the limitations those in power attribute to your gender or to other aspects of your identity.

Playing big and taking risks build confidence.

Women must take risks and make mistakes to rise to power and break through traditional hierarchies...

About the Author

Venture capitalist Magdalena Yesil was the founding board member and first investor in Salesforce. In addition, she served as a general partner at US Venture Partners, founded Broadway Angels, and launched three e-commerce companies, UUnet, CyberCash and MarketPay.

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