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Powerful Communication Skills

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Powerful Communication Skills

How To Communicate with Confidence

Career Press,

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When you speak, just 7% of the message that you convey comes through the words you say. It’s the other 93% that you have to worry about.

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There’s more to communications than words, and according to Colleen McKenna you’ll have to master a diverse set of self-expression skills if you want to succeed in business. In her book, McKenna covers diverse topics ranging from speaking, writing and listening, to asserting yourself, solving problems and dealing with put-downs. The impressive breadth of the book is also its greatest weakness, in that with so much ground to cover, McKenna is in no position to delve deeply into any one point. As a result, the chapters are lacking in detail. However, each section does provide a wonderful introduction to issues like the problems of communicating with members of the opposite sex and the best ways to prepare for a public speaking engagement. getAbstract recommends this book to professionals interested in getting a well-rounded sample of several communications disciplines before plunging into more in-depth research.


Communicating with Confidence

Effective communication is the foundation of teamwork, interdependence and shared responsibility - many of the characteristics that define a successful business. In contrast, when people fail to communicate clearly in business, the results are lost opportunity, reduced profit and lower company morale. So, to ensure the success of you and your business, you need to increase the effectiveness of your communication skills.

The purpose of communication is to express thoughts, ideas and feelings to others, in a way that they will understand. In Latin, the original word is communicare, which means to make common or to share. The key to good communication therefore, has little to do with the size of your vocabulary, and much to do with your ability to share your meaning with others.

There are three principles to remember about being a good communicator:

  1. Communication is a learned behavior.
  2. The quality of your communication skills determines the quality of your interpersonal relationships.
  3. When you practice, you perfect new skills.

There are many types of communication...

About the Author

Powerful Communication Skills is the first book written by Colleen McKenna  for Career Press

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