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Transform Any Situation, Close Any Deal, and Achieve Any Outcome

Daymond JohnCurrency • 2020

Enthusiastic Basic Advice

by David Meyer

Daymond John wants you to succeed as he has, and he provides practical advice to guide you.

Self-made millionaire and star investor on TV’s Shark Tank, Daymond John, never forgets his humble beginnings. The best-selling author of Rise and Grind and The Power of Broke (like this book, written with Daniel Paisner), he uses stories and examples from his life and career to show you how to identify and take advantage of opportunities. John consistently demonstrates concern for others as he explains how your attitudes and actions can enhance or damage relationships. He shows a particular affinity for entrepreneurs in search of direction. His early struggles, his basic tools for success and his compelling case for making the world a better place will inspire readers, especially Shark Tank fans.

John built his brand on rah-rah, cheerleading self-help advice, some superficial, some profound, some practical, and some entirely for beginners and self-starters in business. Experienced CEOs or entrepreneurs may find little new here, except an admirably down-to-earth viewpoint. Those fighting their way into their first independent businesses, however, will take heart from John’s clear, basic instruction and giddy attitude.

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