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Practical Project Management

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Practical Project Management

Tips, Tactics, and Tools


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Project Management — There are no shortcuts.

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Anyone who’s ever tried his or her hand at project management knows that there is no single secret that guarantees success. In reality, effective project management is the result of nuts-and-bolts work in planning, organization and oversight. Smart readers will therefore bypass the scores of books promising the "10 Secrets to Project Management Success" and turn instead to Harvey A. Levine’s comprehensive and slightly complex book. getAbstract recommends this book to corporate managers and leaders as a clear guide to project management.


Project Management Basics

There are no shortcuts in project management. In order to succeed, a project manager must integrate skills from many different disciplines, including scoping out and defining a project, planning and scheduling tasks, evaluating and allocating resources and personnel, and managing a workforce.

That list doesn’t even begin to address the demands posed by budgeting and cost control, risk management and contingency planning. And don’t forget the need to resist project scope creep, communicate sensitively with stakeholders and master increasingly complex project management software. The best project managers also deftly adapt to changing circumstances and aggressively push the project to a close.

If you’re going to succeed at this task, you’re obviously going to need help. This assistance will come from two sources: a sound organizational framework and the abilities of the other personnel assigned to the project. These elements are interconnected - the capacity of the personnel to develop and apply their skills to your project is largely contingent on the project management practices that you apply and the organizational operation that you...

About the Author

Harvey A. Levine has been a project management professional for 39 years, providing applications, system design and consulting services in project planning and control, mostly with General Electric. In 1986, Levine founded the Project Knowledge Group, a consulting firm specializing in project management training, project management software selection, evaluation, and implementation and project management using computers.

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