Health care is set to face a profoundly disruptive array of forces: radical advances in medicine and the entrance of powerful new players are about to reshape the sector’s topography. Current payers and providers will struggle to adapt. In a dense, informative report, Sanjay Saxena, Nate Holobinko, Cristian Liu and Amika Porwal of the Boston Consulting Group outline the influences poised to transform health care and suggest ways incumbents can survive in the new landscape.


Unprecedented kinds of change are approaching for the health care industry.

In the past, challenges in the health care sector arose through economic or legislative and regulatory shifts, and incumbents turned to tried-and-true tactics, such as cutting costs and reorganizing, in response. This time, the changes will upend the competitive landscape and will call for new mechanisms for delivering and paying for care and sharing risk.

Tech giants, with their enormous competitive advantages, are preparing to enter the sector.

The industry’s barriers to entry...

About the Authors

Sanjay Saxena is a managing director and senior partner at the Boston Consulting Group, where Nate Holobinko is a managing director and partner, Cristian Liu is a principal and Amika Porwal is a knowledge expert. 

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