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Ray Dalio offers a philosophical take on work, living and even the meaning of life. You may disagree in places, but he offers life lessons and values as both a prescription and a catalyst for exploration. As he urges you to find and practice your own principles, Dalio repeatedly describes his surprise at succeeding beyond his wildest dreams. Even though he doesn’t always seem to know exactly what he’s aiming for in this somewhat repetitive consideration of his life, work and beliefs, certain passages and chapters provide as much wisdom and food for thought as other entire books. These gems put Dalio’s principles and advice into perspective. 

About the Author

Ray Dalio founded and built Bridgewater, one of history’s most successful investment firms. After stepping down as CEO in 2017, he continues to pursue his first love – investing.


Various chapters provide detailed references to the standards he forged over an illustrious career spanning more than four decades. While you can skim the long descriptions of his estate planning and philanthropy, the rest of this hefty volume is a reference tool that provides an excellent summary of Dalio’s life and work principles. Whether you strive to change the world, pursue a quiet contemplative life or even just have a good time, Dalio implores you to choose deliberately, to reflect and know yourself, and to consider your decisions carefully. getAbstract believes his book offers a solid primer of ideas on living well, being happy and enjoying career success.

Dalio says he regrets that some of the leaders he admires most didn’t publish or reveal the principles that guided their lives and work. Here, he shares his standards in detail, offering his take on life and on professional and business success. However, given its 500-page plus length, Dalio’s treatise might wear you down. Speaking as one of the world’s richest, most influential people, he urges you to think deeply about “what you want” and to then determine your authentic principles: the “fundamental truths and behaviors” that you want to use to guide every step and decision in your life and career.

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    3 months ago
    Very bad summary - other apps have excellent summaries
  • Avatar
    R. A. 8 months ago
    Much of this book I learnt in 2012's Bridgewater Conferenes. <br>Mr Dalio crystalised his ideas for every one in this Opus Magnun. <br>Getabstract's work on it is simply wisdom in nutshell.
  • Avatar
    L. T. 2 years ago
    Definitely worth the full read.
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    M. G. 2 years ago
    how to download the file in pdf format???
    • Avatar
      Karen Londo 2 years ago
      Hello Mahesh, we apologize for any inconvenience, as this is only a review of the book, and not our full summary, there is no PDF version available for download at this time. When we are able to provide our Full summary, the PDF version will be available.
  • Avatar
    C. P. 2 years ago
    i have started to read this book and love it already!!!
    so true what the author has experienced and shared with us. Thanks g.a. for sharing!