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How to Deal with Burnout at Work

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As a seasoned project manager who has experienced burnout, Lynn Winter is supremely qualified to comment on why project managers are vulnerable and how they can help themselves. She is relatable, admitting that she ignored her stress for years before taking steps to reduce it. Winter’s advice is simple and practical. She encourages you to take control of one small, achievable area at a time. Her conviction that you deserve better is hard to oppose. The only logical response to her steady beacon of positivity is to get some exercise, take time off and feel better.


“A Personal Story About Work Burnout”

Lynn Winter had long considered overtime to be a career necessity. Then, in 2017, her weight ballooned, she experienced a panic attack and she started feeling grouchy at home. She remained in denial until June, when she was made redundant and lost her job. It was a great opportunity to start dealing with her stress. She now prioritizes doing work she wants to do and works with people she wants to work with. Some days there is room for improvement, but she is getting better all the time.

“Burnout in Project Management”


About the Author

Lynn Winter is a freelance digital strategist working with nonprofits in the open source community. She has 18 years of project management experience, with expertise in user experience and content strategy.