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Public Relations

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Public Relations

The Complete Guide

Thomson Texere,

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Elevate your public relations campaigns beyond hype. How to practice corporate, crisis and employee communications.

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Public relations (PR) is a critical feature of any modern institution’s marketing program. However, it is often not seriously considered as a legitimate part of corporate administration because it frequently focuses primarily on tactics - what to do, when and how - and rarely rises into guiding overall company strategy. Yet, if you want a practical guide that will show you how to create a media kit or develop a crisis management plan, Joe Marconi’s book is for you. It delivers solidly at this general tactical level, where it is, indeed, a working guide. However, it does not transcend into more theoretical reaches. The book skimps on some more meaty, advanced areas such as the theory of public relations and how it fits into overall corporate strategy. The chapters also do not seem to be arranged in progressive order by subject. For example, chapters on speechwriting are sandwiched between those on crisis management and ethics. However, finds this book valuable for those who want an overview of PR’s work-a-day aspects, including normal business tactics if not sophisticated corporate strategy. It also will help those who are not fully familiar with what PR can deliver to a modern institution in challenging times.


Planning Is the Key to Public Relations

Public relations (PR) is an inclusive term that covers a variety of activities from community, investor and media relations to speechwriting, promotions and issue or crisis management. These diverse tasks overlap as practiced by PR firms and corporate PR departments. Yet the core function of PR remains the same: to present information about a company and its ongoing operations in the best light possible so that the public believes the company's message is true and valuable. Public relations is often misunderstood as being the same as publicity. However, publicity is just a subset of PR's many communications functions.

Planning is crucial to a good PR campaign. A strong PR plan should specify the target audience, establish priorities and set a campaign goal. The goal can be building awareness for a new product or delivering enthusiastic crowds who will volunteer and contribute to a candidate in an election. Achieving success in any campaign requires being aware of the cultural, economic and political environment in which the activities will occur. Since PR is often a critical element in marketing, the PR campaign should complement...

About the Author

Joe Marconi is a marketing consultant and author of 11 books on marketing, branding and public relations. His articles have appeared in the Chicago Tribune, International Herald Tribune and American Demographics. As a managing principal of the Marketing Institute, he has conducted workshops throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

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