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Parents agonize over how to raise independent, successful kids. Instinctually, you want to protect your kids from what seems like an increasingly dangerous and heartless world. Businesswoman and mom Margot Machol Bisnow says to resist being overprotective, guide your children gently in discovering their strengths and passions, support them no matter what path they choose and give them enormous freedom, early on, to pursue their loves. Parents should stand up for their kids’ unconventional interests, but get out of their way. Bisnow suggests letting your kids fail, letting them discover cruelty and not protecting them from adversity. This builds resilience, selflessness, determination and “grit,” the traits she says entrepreneurs need to succeed. Though her manual is sometimes repetitive and even contradictory, getAbstract thinks parents will find her advice intriguing. While you may never give your youngsters as much independence as she advocates, she bolsters your belief in them and your support for their dreams. 

About the Author

Margot Machol Bisnow raised two successful entrepreneurs and became one herself later in life.



Whether your children succeed as entrepreneurs or as employees, they need their parents – especially their mothers – to support and believe in them. Don’t usher your kids into “safe” fields or professions. Expose them to as many ideas, fields and career choices and as much knowledge as possible. Don’t try to nip unconventional choices in the bud. A love of drawing, writing, video games or virtually anything else can provide a surprising path to entrepreneurial success – if you support it and allow it to grow.

Encourage your kids to discover what they love and where they excel. Their interests may change as they grow, but let them pursue what they will, regardless of whether their selections seem likely to lead to conventional jobs with financial security. Safe choices often lead to mediocre lives, while bold, purposeful choices can lead to happiness and greatness. Because great work requires enormous determination, perseverance and long hours, only those inspired by purpose and passion have a chance, so instill morals, values and a sense of mission in your children. Money or other drivers simply can’t fuel the “grit” your kids will need to ...

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