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Real-Time Marketing & PR

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Real-Time Marketing & PR

How to Engage Your Market, Connect with Customers, and Create Products that Grow Your Business Now


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Today’s marketing and public relations happen here and now, in real time.

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“Real-time” marketing calls for promotion and public relations activities that move as fast as contemporary business. Time-consuming planning and procedures must yield to rapid action and reaction. Online news business and marketing expert David Meerman Scott explains how to plan and conduct marketing and public relations activities that move as quickly as the audience they seek and the competition they have to beat. getAbstract recommends Scott as a trusty guide for leading the uninitiated through the online marketing wilderness. His book offers much for businesspeople, especially marketers, who want to develop implementation in real time. Now.


“United Breaks Guitars”

In March 2008, singer-songwriter Dave Carroll and members of his band, Sons of Maxwell, were waiting for takeoff aboard a United Airlines connecting flight from Chicago to Omaha. Looking out the window, Carroll saw United’s baggage handlers hurling his band’s fragile guitars into the plane’s storage area. Carroll complained to the flight attendants. They said, “Talk to the ground staff.” The ground staff told him, “Talk to the ground staff in Omaha.” Upon arrival, Carroll found his $3,500 Taylor guitar smashed. United’s Omaha staff told Carroll they would reject any claim for damages.

Carroll communicated with United representatives by phone and email, but no one helped him. Carroll then wrote and performed a song called “United Breaks Guitars,” which he published on YouTube on July 6, 2009. The song attracted one million views in four days. Bloggers took up Carroll’s cause and sent hundreds of daily posts excoriating United.

Bob Taylor, president of Taylor Guitars, created and uploaded a YouTube video telling musicians how to pack guitars to minimize baggage-handling damage. Calton Cases, which manufactures robust cases for ...

About the Author

David Meerman Scott wrote the best-selling The New Rules of Marketing & PR.

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