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Really Care for Them

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Really Care for Them

How Everyone Can Use the Power of Caring to Earn Trust, Grow Sales, and Increase Income. No Matter What You Sell or Who You Sell It To

Morgan James Publishing,

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Treat your prospects and clients nicely, and they’ll treat you nicely as well.

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Treat others nicely, and you will inspire them to treat you nicely, too. This quid pro quo approach has particular resonance in sales, explains expert Mareo McCracken. He explains that caring for your prospects and customers leads to successful sales, and he teaches you how to demonstrate that sincere level of care to maximize your sales results. McCracken offers a surprising lesson of enduring, self-generating, reciprocal love as the most crucial aspect of sales success. His inspiration springs from a heartwarming, personal story about the power of sales to influence customers’ lives positively. That tale sets the tone for McCracken’s heartfelt advice.


Sales can influence people’s lives.

In the late 19th century, a book salesman named McAfee was traveling the back roads of western North Carolina seeking new customers. He met a farmer named Joseph who loved to read. Joseph bought two books from McAfee, one by Virgil and one by Cicero. Joseph became so enamored of the books that he named two of his eleven children “Cicero” and “Virgil.”

Cicero went by his middle name, McAfee, which his father gave him in honor of the book salesman. Cicero’s love of reading led him to decide to go to college, and he eventually became a doctor. Joseph’s other children also became successful professionals.

This true story – which began with a rural salesperson and a farmer – attests to the far-reaching influence sales can have in people’s lives. When Joseph, the farmer, was around 70, he severely injured his hand while chopping wood. Fortunately, his son, the doctor, was nearby, and able to amputate his father’s hand quickly, close up the horrible wound and save his father’s life. Joseph lived for another 15 years. Because of his education and training – which ultimately sprang from the book salesman...

About the Author

Mareo McCracken is the chief revenue officer in charge of sales, marketing and customer service at Movemedical.

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