Red Roulette
A review of

Red Roulette

An Insider's Story of Wealth, Power, Corruption, and Vengeance in Today's China

Desmond ShumScribner • 2021

Chinese Business Corruption Exposed

by David Meyer

Entrepreneur Desmond Shum courageously pulls back the curtain to reveal a profoundly corrupt and dangerous business culture.

In this brave, damning exposé of Chinese business and politics – both an Economist and a Financial Times Best Book of 2021 – Desmond Shum, an exemplar of success in the New China, describes with unflinching honesty the world’s second largest economy. Through effective state direction, China has completed the catch-up phase of its economic development. Now, Shum questions whether it can progress without a separation of powers and other legal, political and business standards that can forestall its greedy, flawed elites. He firmly believes it cannot.

Reviews from every major news outlet and several China experts consistently expressed respect for his defiant disclosures. They all cited Shum’s unique insider position: No one of his previously privileged stature in China has ever come forward to reveal the depth of its corruption and hypocrisy.

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