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Remember to Develop Your People Skills and Don’t Get Caught Up in the Hype

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Remember to Develop Your People Skills and Don’t Get Caught Up in the Hype

IT Career Energizer Podcast

I.T. Career Energizer,

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Soft skills are vital for a flourishing career in software architecture.

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What does the role of a software architect entail, and how can you pursue a successful IT career in today’s fast-evolving work environment? In this episode of the IT Career Energizer Podcast, long-time software architect Mark Richards unpacks the aspects of the architect’s role and discusses why you need soft skills to lead IT teams. Along the way, he shares stories from his own career, offers tips for those just starting out, and discusses why AI and machine learning are among the most exciting, opportunity-providing developments within the industry. 


The software architecture role is about more than technical know-how.

A software architect is the primary person responsible for architecture-related decisions and for helping guide the technology decisions through the team. The software architect is also tasked with the consistent analysis of their organization’s architecture and making recommendations for improvements. He or she must ensure architecture compliance and guide the rest of the team in choices relating to that goal. 

But the architect’s role also taps into other aspects of leadership. Specifically, software architects must understand their company’s political climate and know how to work with those forces. At the same time, software architects must possess the skills needed to facilitate teamwork. Negotiation is one of those abilities: You must ...

About the Podcast

The IT Career Energizer Podcast shares insights from experts in the IT industry. IT consultant Phil Burgess created and hosts the podcast. Guest Mark Richards is a hands-on software architect involved in the architecture, design and implementation of microservices architectures and other distributed systems in a variety of technologies.

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