Rich Dad, Poor Dad
A review of

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money – That the Poor and Middle Class Don’t

Never Mind the Dads

by David Meyer

Best-selling author Robert T. Kiyosaki offers dueling dads and valuable financial planning advice.

Bestseller Robert T. Kiyosaki built an empire of Rich Dad, Poor Dad books – a dozen of his 16 titles feature the words “Rich Dad.” Kiyosaki had two dads, one rich and one poor. Both provided life lessons as reflected by his account of each man’s character and experience. One was a fearful loser and died owing money. The other was a bold winner and died leaving money to charities and his family. Their diametrically opposite attitudes – loser/winner; small timer/major leaguer; scaredy-cat/big bad wolf – provides the narrative horse that Kiyosaki rides. And rides. And rides.


Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a windy fable. Kiyosaki describes himself at different ages and presents what he claims are word-for-word versions of the at-first baffling – then later, profound – teaching moments both fathers provided. The rich dad talked in riddles. The young Kiyosaki found this perplexing until – after he made financial mistakes that led him to his true course in life – a blinding flash of revelation revealed his rich father’s purpose. This narrative method conveys each lesson, but it gets old really fast.

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